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Shungite is a miraculously unique stone that holds all but two of the known Elements of the Periodic Table!  What that means metaphysically is that it holds a Grander, Larger comprehension of this physical world than we are capable of grasping in our short human experiences. Most of us really don’t need ALL that information, unless you’re a scientist and want to know EVERYTHING in this instant!

In our present world, Shungite has probably the broadest knowledge of physical form and how it works!  So when it comes into contact with an energy flow that is discordant to a natural pattern of expansion, it adjusts the vibration, shifting it into a harmonious flow.  This is why it is regarded as such a powerful and useful healing stone on ALL levels!

For Example, when an electronic gauge used to check hot or cold circuits for electricians is used on Shungite, it shows us that the stone actually holds its own steady charge.  Ok, that’s not unusual at first glance.  This is true of Quartz as well and is the reason it is effectively used in watches.  The dramatic quality of an electrical charge produced by Shungite is that its charge is NOT influenced by any other electrical charges around it! In fact, Shungite actually influences irregular vibrations such as EMF’s in its’ environment!  (*See the definition below and a site describing its effects!)  Shungite quickly and automatically shifts and changes erratic energy impulses into a balanced frequency!  This naturally makes the electrical waves in the environment more compatible with Human vibration! (Well really, all Life forms!)

Shun Collection B.JPG

Shungite’s ability to adjust discordant vibration is in part due to a naturally occurring molecule in Shungite called a Fullerene or BuckyBall!  These molecules are thought to directly influence the generation of Life itself! As a catalyst in Shungite and all its effects on surrounding Life forms, Fullerenes are a truly fascinating topic of their own that we could spend a lifetime discovering!  Let’s just make it short for now and say Shungite, specifically, has been documented to reduce the effects of radiation, diminish numerous diseases, lift depression and even shorten recovery time from medical procedures on multiple levels!  Some other observed effects include:

·        When Chakra energy centers were measured in a room with actively emitted WiFi waves. It was concluded that with Shungite present the WiFi waves did not impede or alter the Chakra flow or range in any way! 

·        It's been observed that cell phones have been known to hold a charge longer when a Shungite tab is placed on them.  This also appears to make them energetically friendly to the Human cellular structure!   

·        AND… Even though no specific documentation could be found on the people living in Chernobyl Russia and their use of Shungite, it’s a popular belief that Shungite is the reason people are not just living but thriving in a place known to hold some of the most toxic radiation on the planet! 

The Russians call Shungite the “Consoling Stone” and this name certainly makes good sense!  When we look at the root meaning of the word “metaphysical”, (Remembering of course, that EVERYTHING is a Vibration!) it actually means moving mental thoughts into physical form.  The truth is that our thoughts and emotions create our entire reality (or physical vibration)!  Being the Humans that we are, we have been known to become mindlessly overwhelmed or stuck in some non-beneficial thoughts and emotions.  Since there are many millions, perhaps billions of thoughts running around us, to us and through us, we have a tendency to stay focused on the more unusual or highly charged emotions and thoughts that we deem to be“significant”!  When we experience something that is in-congruent with our nature, DNA or our natural instinct to Love, it surprises us, often grabbing our attention.  At the most dramatic point of discord we call it Trauma.  We mistakenly hold on to it and sometimes even build and deepen it by repeating continuous non-beneficial thoughts and emotions around a trauma even though it may no longer exist!   We can even emotionally fall into a recurring loop of those thoughts and emotions instead of focusing on something that nurtures the feelings and experiences that are in natural Harmony with our innate Love and Joy. As we run these through our consciousness again and again, they affect our vibration.  This discordant vibration manifests in non-beneficial behavior and dis-ease throughout our physical life experience! Just as with erratic electrical impulses, Shungite can smooth or console our erratic, negative or non-beneficial thoughts and emotions!

Here are just some of the ways it’s been used:  

In Beslan Russia, there was a Terrorist attack on an elementary school.  There were numerous violent acts, atrocities and deaths affecting the Children, Teachers and Parents.  It was decided that a special room would be built that was lined and filled with Shungite. After the room was built, Psychiatrists noted that therapy sessions in the room showed an accelerated improvement in the overall progress of all those they assisted. This seemed to be particularly beneficial to the children who were deeply traumatized.  They began to draw pictures with bright colors, started smiling, and some of them began talking for the 1st time since the event!

Another Shungite room at the Military Academy of Medicine in St Petersburg has documented quicker recovery times from medical procedures as well as shortened duration's of a host of diseases. Some of them being considered long term - such as diabetes! 



Apparently, animals find Shungite consoling as well.  Our friends have a cat called Shizu.  Shizu came down with a VERY NASTY Kidney infection that is often fatal to cats.  They were hand feeding him and giving him water with a dropper.  At this point they thought a small Merkabah carved out of Shungite might make the cat feel better, so they stuck it under his bed.  Several months passed and Shizu had a miraculous full recovery! This was confirmed by him ripping up and down the house and terrorizing his brother.  It came time for a little household spring cleaning, and since all was well with Shizu, they decided to air out the cat beds.  One of them carefully put the Merkaba on the nightstand beside their own bed in the process.  They wanted to make sure the Shungite didn’t get lost, because they often use several different pieces for themselves.  When our friends returned to the bedroom Shizu had stretched himself between their bed and nightstand attempting to pick up the Shungite with BOTH paws, because, well, cats don’t have thumbs!  At this point they decided to put it on the floor so he could play with it.  Soon Shizu had migrated back to his own bed and they decided to look for the Shungite. …Did I mention they didn’t want to lose it?  But they couldn’t find it anywhere - and they looked everywhere!  Finally, Shizu got up from his nap and as a last option, they thought to look under his bed…yep! There it was, right where it belonged!  Shizu had tucked that piece of Shungite back under his bed just where he liked it!

The Vibration of Shungite augments and ushers in the Naturally Harmonious Expanding Truth into both the Conscious and Subconscious mind. Since we create our reality through Consciousness, we can easily attune ourselves to that higher vibration, or Self-Truth, on ALL levels of experience!

Of Course, there are as many perspectives to our experience as there are people!  One woman told me that Shungite must not work because she gave it to a friend who had cancer and the friend died!  But what we don’t know was what her friend was experiencing.  Perhaps her friend found comfort and even Joy in simply moving her physical body back into a non-physical vibration!  After all, none of us live in physical form forever.  At some point, we all Transition and Expand in ways we often cannot detect or understand with our physical bodies and minds!

Outside of Stromatolite, Shungite is probably THE OLDEST physical life form currently residing on Earth Mother.  There are some theories that this Stone is not even of Earth!  It may very well have landed here many millenniums ago, since it is only found in one particular spot on the planet: Karelia Russia.  Having a form that consists of almost every element that we as humans are aware of, gives Shungite a repertoire of vibration to identify the natural harmony in its environment.  So, it not only resonates with that vibration but augments it so that we can recognize, augment and balance our own vibration in a way that benefits us.  In the plant world we call this an adaptogen. 

Shun San Raph July 17 A 20170715_135758 (002).jpg

There are many unique and Creative ways to incorporate the Shungite vibration into daily life!  It can be worn as jewelry.  We have pendants bracelets and even earrings made with Shungite.   Spheres, Pyramids and tiles are beneficial in work spaces or other strategic spots in the home.  (I have a pyramid on top of my WiFi box!)  Or… it can be made into an elixir. 

(Ok here are some important points about all Exlirs!)  Please remember, Shungite holds a Host of elements that make it Shungite.  I have never heard of anyone overdosing on it, but just the same you REALLY don’t need to absorb or ingest it.  It is the vibration that ripples through us that brings us into balance! If you are experiencing an especially erratic condition such as cancer, intense anxiety or depression, you COULD put a Teaspoon of the elixir in a quart of drinking water to sip on during the day.  You’ll know if it’s too strong or if you’ve had enough, if the water tastes metallic- like you are drinking metal.  You don’t want to do this regularly! If you try this, do it for just a couple of days at the MOST!  

My preferred method is to put it in a spray bottle with ½ purified water and ½ Shungite elixir-2oz of each. Then I use this combination like a toner after my shower and before I apply any creams, lotions or oils.   It’s refreshing and allows the body to absorb and utilize what it needs. You will also want to be aware of what kind of Shungite you use to make the elixir. We have finally been able to get our hands on the medium size raw, untreated Shungite that makes a Great elixir!

We also have the pure silver or Noble Shungite.  The Noble is quite rare and are powerful and Beautiful pieces.  (I have one around my neck in the video.) They are also really nice to put under your pillow at night to support regeneration while you sleep!  It can induce a deep and peaceful sleep that allows you to awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!  It actually supports the natural vibration and rejuvenation of our cellular structure!

If you would like to continue to delve into the numerous and more detailed scientific attributes of Shungite there is a FABULOUS French woman by the name of Regina Martino. She is a geobiologist and bioenergy expert who specializes in stones and crystals. She has authored an entire book on the subject! You can purchase it on Amazon here:

If you would like to purchase a Shungite Elixir kit, Shungite Jewelry or a piece of Shungite for yourself here they are!  

If you haven’t figured it out yet…I am just completely fascinated with this stone!  It’s truly one of Earth Mothers Gifts that keeps on Giving! Oh! and BTW…make sure you treat it right and give it a little LOVE back by regularly charging it in some direct sunshine! – It REALLY Loves that! This will not be the last you hear from me about Shungite - there is Definitely MORE to come SOON!!!  To make sure you have all my most recent information, add yourself to our Newsletter on our website and subscribe to our YouTube page!   Oh yeah, and please “Like” us on facebook and follow us on Instagram too! That’s usually where I drop the 1st pictures of my newest obsessions and finds!

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AND…PLEASE NOTE: This information is intended for avocation, vocation and self-improvement!  All the above information is regarded as supplemental and NOT a Substitute for professional medical care and treatment. None of the above should be used to treat any medical condition or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified Health Care Professional