K-2 ~ The Silk Road's Treasure!

By Rev Pamela Teague, CHt

What a mesmerizing fascination I have with this stone! There is just So much to tell here!

I can’t imagine anyone not being intrigued with a part of Earth as ancient, wise and mystical as this stone!  

So let me start with what it is.   Technically, it is an orbicular Azurite Jasper! You might be more familiar with an Orbicular Jasper called Ocean Jasper from Madagascar. Yep! It has those little round bubbles in it! K-2 is essentially Azurite bubbles in Granite. If you know anything about Azurite you know that it’s pretty easy going and really FUN and comforting to have around. Of course, Granite is FULL of Quartz and VERY strong and clear on point in its purpose. The Dark matrix in this stone grounds pretty much EVERYTHING! LOL Since it’s had more practice at grounding than almost anything else on the planet, it’s REALLY good at it! 


K-2 is pretty much ALL of the above on Steroids and MUCH MORE! To really get a feel for what has created such a Powerful Steadfast stone there are several fascinating things to consider!   K2 comes from one of the tallest mountain ranges in the world. This stone has been around a Long time!  Earth was a VERY Young Mother when she birthed what we call K2 today! Young mothers, more often than not, grow up with their children.  When Mother and Child step into the world and society in a non-traditional or “early” manner, they often face many challenges.  Trust me, when K2 was born it was tumultuous!  So, by nature, the two are pretty much forced to face adversity together.  They find comfort and strength in each other and learn how to navigate challenges, becoming a team to be reckoned with! 

K-2 and Earth Mother hold a powerful emotional partnership that is unbreakable!  Hence, we can find a deep, and to us humans, an unfathomable, Wisdom and Strength that they hold! We’re talking Millions of Millenniums here!

But that is just the beginning of the story. The stone comes from the K2 or Godwin-Austin mountain in the Karakoram range. This specific mountain is more often called Chigori (King of Mountains) by the locals, while world class Mountaineers call it the Savage Mountain! The name K-2 came from a surveyor plotting the region in 1856, Thomas Montgomerie.  His team could not find a local name for it at the time because it was not a visually obvious point on the horizon from the local villages.  The name Godwin-Austin was actually dismissed by the Royal Geological society!  Henry Godwin Austin was an explorer of that region but did not actually discover or survey this particular mountain.  So, today the most common name for the mountain, unless you’re Chinese… (but I can’t read or pronounce their version), is K2. The K being for the Karakoram mountains and 2 being the second mountain that they actually surveyed on the expedition. Such an understatement for such a significant part of the World, yet Perhaps somewhat befitting because it is the 2nd tallest mountain in the world (Everest being the tallest). Being #2 certainly does not diminish the power of this mountain in any way.  K2 holds the reputation for being one of the most forbidding of all mountains to climb, claiming more mountaineers’ lives than Everest every year!  Extreme weather conditions can unpredictably change in an instant and although there has been a route identified up the mountain, there is still much speculation about its ideal location or safety. No one has climbed it in winter, ever!


Under literally Mountains of snow and ice is the foundation for the path of the Silk Road! Yes, it’s true, while Marco Polo did NOT climb this mountain he DID safely pick his way through what is still today, some of the most inhospitable land in the world! Adventure? YES! There is never a dull day or moment for that matter, on the Silk Road. And yet, it holds thousands of years of peaceful, compassionate wisdom, nurtured and respected principally by the Buddhist tradition.  But this world Love, Wisdom and Peace pouring out of this region has also been upheld and cultivated by Islam and a Group called the Essenes.  All of them inspired to live and thrive in a place that most people would not ever choose to call home.  A significant clan of Humanity have found solace, strength, and wisdom that is worthy of sharing on an epic global scale.  Marco Polo opened this treasure to the minds of western civilization… but the East has known the Magic power and pain of this place for thousands of years!

Beautiful, rare, exciting, dangerous, serene, calm and comforting, this stone bestows grand and ancient wisdom, allowing us to confidently step into whatever is presented to us each moment of the day! Each of our lives contain elements that are more like than unlike Marco Polo’s Journey.  There are delectable and delicious treasures presented to us that we didn’t even KNOW we wanted to experience!  Likewise, there are challenges and situations that arise that we were completely unaware of!  The possibilities that shape and change our Life’s Journey are endless.  This Stones’ energy not only heightens our awareness to the exhilarating potentiality, it also opens us to our understanding that what might be the most intimidating of circumstances is not insurmountable or unmanageable!  Everything is Possible when we Align ourselves with The Divine Light and Love that is part and parcel of ALL that Exists!  Like this Grand and Glorious of the World’s mountains, the answer, as large as it may be, is often unviewable, possibly completely undetectable! And yet looming Large, Solid, Steadfast and unshakable amongst the most difficult of changing storms and conditions!

The vibration of this stone brings a sense of Deep Peace and undeniable Divine support that breeds a courage often unseen or even understood by those around us.

This stone supports us on our Journey! So, of course it’s a Wonder-Full Traveling companion!  This stone can assist us in getting quiet when things are perhaps not unfolding as smoothly as one would hope. Lost baggage, missed transfers, unacknowledged reservations, can all be a bit unnerving, and yet if we get quiet for just a moment with this stone in hand, there is a good chance the answer will be presented, large and obvious, directly in front of us!

Athletes can find great strength in this stone.  You can wear it while training and or performing or just meditate with it before an event.  Endurance is pretty much an understatement with this powerhouse.  Remember this stone is OLD… REALLY OLD…Millions of Millenniums OLD! That’s not “tired” old that’s more stored power and energy than we can imagine OLD!  This mountain and stone have been building, perpetuating, and evolving in physical form for far longer than we as humans can comprehend.  Allowing ourselves to tap into that vibration, whether we understand it or not, will actually support the vibration of our own physical form.  But don’t count on sleeping with this stone.  It’s not FAST paced but it IS relentless, undeterred, consistent energy!

You say you’re not planning a trip or a marathon?  This stone can be a valuable asset in our daily lives. It can boost our confidence when we step into a meeting, energetically support us through difficult tasks or just show us the way when we are pretty sure we don’t have a solution.  It’s a GREAT “emergency” stone.  When someone is anxious, in crisis or hurt, physically or emotionally, it can literally be a life/energy support!  Shoving this into the hand of a crying child or someone who is anxious can shift and smooth the energy opening strength as well as a renewed perspective!

Once you have possession of this stone you may find inspiration to take on a new project or just simply discover new things to enjoy that you never knew existed!  It’s a FABULOUS companion for someone starting a new business venture, a new job or moving into a new experience of any kind!

Did I mention that I’m TOTALLY Fascinated with the immeasurable energetic power of this little stone?  If you find you might want a piece of One of the Most Powerful Mountains in the world check our website for a piece to slip in your pocket, keep close to your desk or even a pendant to wear! Here’s the link!


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 A Crystal Magic Day! Pam

Oh Yeah…BTW… PLEASE NOTE: This information is intended for avocation, vocation and self-improvement!  All the above information is regarded as supplemental and NOT a Substitute for professional medical care and treatment. None of the above should be used to treat any medical condition or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified Health Care Professional.