The Perfect Rock

As we wind down the end of the year there are so many really fun stories I would like to share with you about all of you and the insight you have given to us this year by just hanging out in the booth with the rocks.

One that’s sticking in my mind at the moment is an experience we had at this last show with a wonderful customer and fellow healer.  Because he does such wonderful healing work, and truly understands the path I’m hoping he won’t mind that I share this story with you… He’ll recognize himself immediately!

I must also mention, (as if he doesn’t know…) he is not alone in this experience – myself included!  Since we are getting ready to begin a new quest to find and bring you the perfect rocks for 2012- A year that is sure to bring great shift and change for us all – I’m particularly sensitive to how and what I choose that will support you on your journey in this coming year.

So All that being said… Our friend shows up at the booth at just the right time.  There seems to be a lull in the traffic so he can walk through the collection of stones on the table and contemplate which ones will serve him and his client’s best.  One rather large one comes to his attention…but he decides it’s always good to look at the rest of the tables to make sure that is THE ONE.  After working his way through the rest of the booth, he notices that things are on the quiet side for the moment.  Convinced that he needs one of that particular variety, but not entirely sure about that specific stone, he very politely, almost apologetically asks if we have any more.  Since it is a bit quiet, Brian pulls the box out from underneath the table.  This particular variety of rock is generally heavy and rough on one side so they are each individually wrapped in heavy paper, so Brian tells him, he can unwrap them and just put the paper on the table.  Our friend says “no no” I’ll wrap them back up.  So he begins to look through.  As he gets each one uncovered he puts them in two separate piles.  After he gets through about ½ the box he starts to re-wrap the ones he’s sure he does not want.  Then he continues to open the rest, apologizing as he goes.  He finally has looked as them all and decides to open again a couple that he had originally wrapped back up.  He puts 3 or 4 beside the original one he picked up from the table.  Looking at them all side by side, he starts shaking his head, a bit embarrassed he laughs and says after all of that I think I really want the 1st one I picked up!  It just has something the rest of them don’t.