Finding Gratitude in Stones

One of great the Gifts of my current Life is the privilege of actually spending lots of time with the rocks we sell.  Sometimes it’s just the mundane practice of pulling them out of their shipping materials cleaning them up, pricing them and identifying their boxes.  Other times it’s the blissful practice of sitting in meditation with them.  And occasionally it’s more technical, researching what their composition is, where they were originally found and their history.

All of this is my kinda Fun…So much so that sometimes I’ll actually find other things to do because it doesn’t “feel” like work or that I got something done.  You may laugh at that… I often do myself… it’s almost like I feel guilty when I’m doing what I do, which is learn more about the stones to share with you!

The truth is that no matter what kind of stone it is… or how many we have around… one or one dozen the thing that stones do best is augment the energy that is in their environment.  Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that because of their unique personalities; just like people they actually augment different types of energy.  One of the secrets here is that specifically it’s not just energy they pick up on.  Yes, scientifically they are a part of what makes up the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  But on a smaller personal scale… well now that I think about it, the larger one too… they really pick up on our emotional field.  Ok, it’s not so much that they pick up on it… but can actually build or boost different aspects of it. That’s why it feels to me like different personalities.  The point being, that they can actually find those little sparks within us and build the vibration to a level that makes us more aware of it.