How Sacred Stone was Born

A few years ago Brian and Pam looked around their little Beach Bungalow and sighed, wondering what excuse they could use for buying more rocks, minerals, gems and crystals. They were filled to the Bungalow's capacity and giving them away for every holiday, birthday, celebration and occasion they could think of.  Just because they loved them-just because all of their friends “caught the fever” listening to them talk about them.  They were using them everywhere carrying them, sharing them with EVERYONE!  And then it hit them! Share them with people they haven’t met! So they got a retail license and called it Sacred Stone!

Pamela Teague–  The Heartbeat of Sacred Stone

Pamela has been creating environments and conditions that support Self-discovery for over 25 years.  Since childhood, she has invited Earth’s Crystals and Minerals to augment a heightened sense of awareness to the world around her.  With more than 30 years of study in the healing arts, she has developed a deep understanding of the Subconscious mind and Spiritual conduit that drives our Soul desires and how they can be supported with Earth’s energies.  Her unique techniques are individualized to assist in unifying with Source energy and the Earth plane.  These connections are the conduit to manifest from our Inner Being's highest intent to fulfill the Grandest expression of the unique essence we bring to experience and share in this physical form.

A Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Sound Therapist, Imagery Master, Student of hard knocks, and Rock Lover since birth,  Pamela has developed a rare sensitivity to the Crystal Kingdom.  This allows her to converse with and reveal the myriad of unique personalities the Earth offers to support Humanity on our precious path!

Pamela is a member of and endorsed by the American Hypnosis Association, International Hypnosis Federation, as well as the Hypnotherapist’s Union.

Brian J. Teague–   Guardian of Sacred Stone

Known around the Sacred Stone office as “Mr. Sunshine”, Brian is the consummate “nay-sayer” – keeping our enthusiasm in balance!  His never-ending ability to question everything keeps Sacred Stone’s quality and efficiency at the Highest Level!  He spent the past 30 years helping Boeing figure out what could go wrong with their latest and greatest jets and he is the consummate professional at clearing a safe path to move ahead!  He is invaluable at keeping the rest of us “Airy Faeries” grounded in the reality of budgets and spreadsheets so we can keep the wheels of Sacred Stone turning.

A Self-described Mule, it’s his genius that gets and keeps us on the road and organized at home.  Brian is constantly creating systems that allow us to actually find the box of stones we’re looking for when we need it!  He is also known as Pamela’s’ “numbers guy”!  If you want to know what something costs, ask Brian! (She has NO idea!)  He keeps Pam centered in daily practicality, so we can continue to bring you the most unique and unusual Minerals and Crystals that are available on the planet!