• Sacred Stone ~ Earth’s Gifts for Sacred Living

    Sacred Stone ~ Earth’s Gifts for Sacred Living

  • Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

    Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Native American Zuni Fetishes

    Native American Zuni Fetishes

  • Abalone Shells & Local California Sage

    Abalone Shells & Local California Sage

  • Labradorite Specimens

    Labradorite Specimens


Hey All! We want to Thank you for stopping by! We are sooo excited about 2014 we hardly know where to start!

So why stop by here? Because we are going to do our best to share all the metaphysical properties of these beautiful beings with you when you purchase them… We have also been known to share many healing techniques and modalities that you can incorporate into your own healing processes and daily lives.


Featured Stone

Green Apophyllite~

Harmonic Healing
If laughter is the best Medicine, then this is the Best Stone for Laughing!

So I must confess, I’ve been holding on to this little miracle crystal for a few months now. (You know I always like to bring you something special for the Holiday season!) This particular rare stone is not a new arrival. In fact many people still consider this stone to be fairly common. But the mines ran out maybe 15-20 years ago.

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From Our Blog…

We hope you’ve all had a Wonderful summer and are looking forward to a FABULOUS Fall! We did the usual stuff that the Teague household does…Traveled to the hottest part of the country in the hottest part of the year!. That’s kinda boring news for you!!!